Lobmeyr essentials [brochure].

Lobmeyr essentials [brochure].

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J. & L. Lobmeyr, Wien, Austria.
[Wien : Lobmeyr, 2006].
1 folded brochure (6 panels) : ill. ; 9 x 10 cm. (opens to 9 x 55 cm.)
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Gift; Peter Rath; 2011; 1000114598
Included in brochure are "ten design classics, dating as far back as 1856", each one is "both a significant part of Vienna's design history, and an object for use in everyday life".
Wine glass, no. 4, Ludwig Lobmery, 1856 --
Champagne cup, Patrician, Josef Hoffman, 1917 --
Water tumbler, Alpha, Hans Harald Rath, 1952 --
Personal carafe, Josephine, Monica Singer, 2006 --
Flower vase, BV60, Stefan Rath, 1955 --
Whiskey/water tumbler, no. 248, Adolf Loos, 1931 --
Water tumbler, Baroque, Stefan Rath, 1905 --
Candy dish, Kugeldose, Oswald Haerdtl, 1925 --
Strnad Box, Oskar Strnad, 1916 --
Wiener Achtel, Miki Martinek, 1998.