[Loose leaf data sheets III].

[Loose leaf data sheets III].
Carder, Frederick.
1 v. (unpaged) ; 18 x 10 cm.
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Range 7, Bay 4, Shelf 3, Frederick Carder notebook collection Box 4, [Loose pages] : loose leaf data sheets III
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This item is in the Frederick Carder notebook collection.
Pages from a 6-ring Lefax ledger book with batch record entries dated between 1921-1931.
Ingredients for the glass batches are given by numeric code. See Carder's [Black notebook of loose leaf data sheets I] (BIB 112167) for the ingredient key.
Tab dividers labeled amber, miscellaneous, exp. batches, brown & ruby, blue, yellow, clear glass, misc. colors & general information, green, and optical glass.
Includes batch records for alpha-numeric coded colors as well as citron, light amber, carbon amber, spec. amber N and X, red amber, cairn gorm, hard amber, calcite black, soft black for corrected cardinal, violet #15, canterbury, cintra black, rosa, orange, pale purple, pale amethyst #40, light purple for stoppers, etc., #5 rosa, wisteria, white from soda batch, black opt. batch, hard black to work with solid jade green, soda batch for hard amber, calcite black, cerise ruby, ivrene, opaque ruby for pressed tiles, spec. aurene, light green #7 for Hawkes, solid jade green, antique green, dome light yellow exps. muffle melts, antique glass, ivorine, English jade green, alabaster, spec. topaz, aurene blue, flint ruby, regular flint batch for colors, etching acid, transfer ink, optical determination of Fe in PbO by J.C.H., acid for etching steel plates, formula for fire extinguisher, acid for etching iron, sp. black for ivory, new au. black, azulite, amethyst ruby, azulite 2, azulite special, duplexalite or ivorine, ivrine, yellow ivrine, white ivrine (W.C. Taylor), duplex glass (formerly yellow ivrine), celeste blue, dark flemish blue (Russell), dark flemish blue for dust, centra blue, dark celeste blue, cintra celeste blue, hard flemish blue, cintra blue, dark torquoise blue for dust, light torq. blue, blue calcite (Darrah & Darrah), dark torquois blue II, dome light yellow, yellow for soda rosa, sulfur yellow #17, bad glass Hawkes, s. soda batch, soda batch color, hard flint to work with aurene, hard glass #18, o shade noviol, spectacle crown, luxpel, flint ruby, aurene ruby, cardinal #11, #19, opaque ruby for tiles, rose du Barry, cinnamon, copper ruby, aurene brown, amber topaz #9, Hawkes dark topaz, pale topaz (potash batch), spec. topaz, pale topaz (soda batch), sp. topaz #2, soda batch for sp. topaz #2, light topaz, dark topaz Hawkes #2X soda batch, extra dark topaz for Hawkes, special pomona green, Eng. pom. green, yellow pomona green, opaque green for rosa, yel. pom. green Hawkes, pomona green soda batch, Spanish green, Nile green (Carson, Perry, Scott), oily green, hard pomona green, antique green (W.C. Taylor), bottle green, light green #7.
Accompanied by 5 loose sheets now housed in a separate folder titled Loose leaf data sheets III: a trial recipe for yellow ivrene; a conversion chart from ounces to grams; a Lefax price list dated November 1, 1921; a recipe titled "for steel plates & iron, 3/12/31"; and schematic drawings for mercury switches for lehrs and kilns.
Fragile materials. Use the digital or microform copies of the notebooks.
Frederick Carder notebook collection
Pages in envelope and additional pages in folder digitized by Boston Photo Imaging in August 2010.
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