Manufacture of glass bottles [picture].

Manufacture of glass bottles [picture].

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Weston, West Virginia : Museum of American Glass, 2008.
1 print : b&w ; 28 x 44 cm.
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Fabrication des bouteilles
A print with the same image can be found in Print Box A4, print no. 517, with English captions: Manufacture of glass bottles; this copy was published in Scientific American, v. 29, no. 15, Oct. 9, 1869, p. 1 with subheading The glass works of the departments of the Loire and the Rhone, France.
Print depicts scene inside glass factory of men engaged in various stages of bottle making.
"23/50" -- penciled in on lower right corner.
"MAG in WV 2008" -- penciled in on lower left corner.
Reproduction printed at the Museum of American Glass in West Virginia in 2008.
Original drawing "Fabrication des bouteilles" (with parts of the original article) is located in Print Box B4, print no. 323 (bib 123366); it was originally published in Les Grandes usines de France, v. 7, pp. [232-233].
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Published in The Studio [brochure], Fall 2011/Winter 2012: 65445, cover, p. 36 (Faint image of engraving also used as background on p. [2] of cover-p. [1]).