Modern analytical methods in art and archaeology / E. Ciliberto and G. Spoto, editors.

Modern analytical methods in art and archaeology / E. Ciliberto and G. Spoto, editors.
New York : Wiley, 2000.
xxiv, 755 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
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Ciliberto, E. (Enrico)
Spoto, G. (Giuseppe)
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
Analytical methods in art and archaeology / Enrico Ciliberto --
Elemental analysis / Ronald G.V. Hancock --
Atomic spectroscopy and spectrometry / Suzanne M.M. Young and A. Mark Pollard --
X-ray fluorescence / Luc Moens, Alex von Bohlen, and Peter Vandenabeele --
Neutron activation analysis for provenance determination in archaeology / Hector Neff --
Particle-induced X-ray emission / Jean-Claude Dran, Thomas Calligaro, and Joseph Salomon --
Molecular and structural analysis / Giuseppe Spoto --
Biomolecular analysis by organic mass spectrometry / Richard P. Evershed --
Biomolecular methods / Raúl J. Cano --
Raman spectroscopy / Franco Cariati and Silvia Bruni --
Thermal analysis / Marianne Odlyha --
UV-VIS-NIR, FT-IR, and FORS spectroscopies / Mauro Bacci --
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and auger electron spectroscopy in art and archaeology / Giuseppe Spoto and Enrico Ciliberto --
Electron microscopy and its application to the study of archaeological materials and art preservation / Miguel José-Yacamán and Jorge A. Ascencio --
Isotope analysis, dating, and provenance methods / Günther A. Wagner --
Radiocarbon dating / Robert E.M Hedges --
Lead isotope analyses applied to provenance studies / Noel H. Gale and Zofia Stos-Gale --
Luminescence dating / Sebastiano O. Troja and Richard G. Roberts --
Electron spin resonance dating / Rainer Grün --
Data handling and statistical analysis / Mike J. Baxter and Caitlin E. Buck.
047129361X (alk. paper)
Chemical analysis ; v. 155