[Notes, summons, and miscellaneous items].

[Notes, summons, and miscellaneous items].
John Frederick Amelung & Co.
20 items : ink on paper ; 11 x 19 - 32 x 42 cm
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Document 13:2.
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Items have staining and tearing.
Summons dated 1792 is torn in half.
Note dated October 17, 1797 for 45 pounds owed to Simon Grossman from Frederick Magnus Amelung. Note assigned by Grossman to Henry Koontz, January 18, 1799 and features James Neale as a witness. Note dated July 16, 1793 for 100 pounds owed to Ignatius Davis from Amelung & Labes. Davis assigned note to Simon Martin, August 10, 1793.
Account with John Frederick Amelung & Co. and Jacob F. Cohn features a list of Cohn's carpenter's wages. Entries include "to boarding" "store," and "showmaker."
Petition dated May 26, 1790 from John Frederick Amelung, to the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States in Congress assembled.
Application dated February 19, 1811 from John Dunham, for tavern license. Subscribers' signatures include Frederick M. Amelung and Jacob Stanger.
Summons dated November 6, 1793 issued to John Frederick Amelung and James Labes to appear in court to answer to Thomas Johnson. Summons dated 1792 issued to John Frederick Amelung on behalf of Michael Stocker for non-payment of debt. Summons dated January 31, 1794 issued to John Frederick Amelung and James Labes on behalf of Thomas Johnson for non-payment of debt.
Indenture of john Gremmert to Philip [Sengstack], dated May 3, 1789.
Copy of inscription on George Heinrich Repold (1756-1811). Inculdes inscriptions from graves of Anna and Reinhard Spannhooffd. All inscriptions are in German.
Letter dated January 24, 1790, from William Henderson addressed to Andrew Clow & Co., concerning manufacture of pear ash, and mentions Amelung.