The Oxford handbook of the European Bronze Age / edited by Harry Fokkens and Anthony Harding.

The Oxford handbook of the European Bronze Age / edited by Harry Fokkens and Anthony Harding.
xxxi, 979 pages : illustrations, maps ; 26 cm
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Fokkens, Harry. editor.
Harding, A. F. editor.
First edition.
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GN778.2.A1O94 2013z
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European Bronze Age
Includes bibliographical references and index.
This book is a wide-ranging survey of a crucial period in prehistory during which many social, economic, and technological changes took place. Written by expert specialists in the field, the book provides coverage both of the themes that characterize the period, and of the specific developments that took place in the various countries of Europe. After an introduction and a discussion of chronology, successive chapters deal with settlement studies, burial analysis, hoards and hoarding, monumentality, rock art, cosmology, gender, and trade, as well as a series of articles on specific technologies and crafts (such as transport, metals, glass, salt, textiles, and weighing). The second half of the book covers each country in turn. From Ireland to Russia, Scandinavia to Sicily, every area is considered, and up to date information on important recent finds is discussed in detail.
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Glass: p. 385, 492-500, 807; glass beads: p. 95, 492.
The Bronze Age of Europe / Harry Fokkens and Anthony Harding --
Old father time: the Bronze Age chronology of western Europe / Benjamin W. Roberts, Marion Uckelmann, and Dirk Brandherm --
Europe 2500 to 2200 BC: between expiring ideologies and emerging complexity / Volker Heyd --
A little bit of history repeating itself: theories on the bell beaker phenomenon / Marc Vander Linden --
Bronze Age settlements / Joanna Brück and Harry Fokkens --
Burials / Mads Kähler Holst --
Hoards and the deposition of metalwork / Richard Bradley --
Monuments and monumentality in Bronze Age Europe / Timothy Darvill --
Stonehenge / Mike Parker Pearson ... [et al.] --
The contribution of skeletal isotope analysis to understanding the Bronze Age in Europe / Janet Montgomery and Mandy Jay --
The Myth of the chief: prestige goods, power, and personhood in the European Bronze Age / Joanna Brück and David Fontijn --
Identity, gender, and dress in the European Bronze Age / Marie Louise Stig Sørensen --
Warfare in the European Bronze Age / Nick Thorpe --
Rethinking Bronze Age cosmology: a north European perspective / Joakim Goldhahn --
Bronze Age rock art in northern Europe: contexts and interpretations / Joakim Goldhahn and Johan Ling --
Rock carvings and alpine statue-menhirs, from the Chalcolithic to the middle Bronze Age / Geoffroy de Saulieu --
Bronze Age fields and land divisions / Robert Johnston --
Animals in Bronze Age Europe / László Bartosiewics --
Plant cultivation in the Bronze Age / Hans-Peter Stika and Andreas G. Heiss --
Trade and exchange / Anthony Harding --
Seafaring and riverine navigation in the Bronze Age of Europe / Robert Van de Noort --
Land transport in the Bronze Age / Marion Uckelmann --
Copper and bronze: Bronze Age metalworking in context / Tobias L. Kienlin --
Bronze Age copper mining in Europe / William O'Brien --
Gold and gold working of the Bronze Age / Barbara Armbruster --
Craft production: ceramics, textiles, and bone / Joanna Sofaer, Lise Bender Jørgensen, and Alice Choyke --
Glass and faience / Julian Henderson --
Salt production in the Bronze Age / Anthony Harding --
Weighing, commodification, and money / Christopher Pare --
Britain and Ireland in the Bronze Age: farmers in the landscape or heroes on the high seas? / Benjamin W. Roberts --
The Bronze Age in the Low Countries / Harry Fokkens and David Fontijn --
The Bronze Age in France / Claude Mordant --
Bronze Age Iberia / Vicente Lull ... [et al.] --
The Bronze Age in the Balearic Islands / Vicente Lull ... [et al.] --
Peninsular Italy / Anna Maria Bietti Sestieri --
The Bronze Age in Sicily / Anna Maria Bietti Sestieri --
The Bronze Age in Sardinia / Fulvio Lo Schiavo --
Northern Italy / Franco Nicolis --
Switzerland and the central Alps / Philippe Della Casa --
Germany in the Bronze Age / Albrecht Jockenhövel --
Scandinavia / Henrik Thrane --
The Bronze Age in the Polish lands / Janusz Czebreszuk --
The Czech lands and Austria in the Bronze Age / Luboš Jiráň, Milan Salaš, and Alexandra Krenn-Leeb --
Slovakia and Hungary / Klára Marková with Gábor Ilon --
The western Balkans in the Bronze Age / Biba Teržan, with Snježana Karavanić --
Castellieri-Gradine of the northern Adriatic / Kristina Mihovilić --
Romania, Moldova, and Bulgaria / Nikolaus Boroffka --
Ukraine and south Russia in the Bronze Age / Hermann Parzinger.
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