Plate-object I [slide].

Willebrands, Frans, 1953-
[Amsterdam, Netherlands], 1985.
glass ; 4 cm. x 64 cm. x 38 cm.
Buechner, Thomas S.
Frantz, Susanne K.
Lerner, Abram.
Vallien, Bertil.
Other Authors: 
F. Willebrands. manufacturer/owner
CMoG: 86.3.15
Format of Material: 
Slides & Transparencies
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Call Number: 
Willebrands, Frans; NGR 7, no. 96
Variant Title: 
Plate-object 1
Object in the collection of The Corning Museum of Glass, 86.3.15 acquired by the Museum in 1986.
Description in New Glass Review: Melted black flat glass on red cylindrical glass form; sandblasted.
Description in CMoG glass object database: Opaque black, translucent red non-lead glasses; cut, slumped, sandblasted, ground, polished, assembled. Circular with a transversing line; (a) opaque black circle of window glass slumped over a cement mold to produce overall surface of shallow ribbing, also a central, circular depression and a diagonally transversing "fold"; plate has been sandblasted to produce satin finish, edges ground and polished; signed on base "F.W.W. '85". (b) Solid, straight length of orange/red tubing with ends cut and polished at an angle, raised by two short lengths of same tubing inset slightly from each end and adhered to long length; tube section sits underneath (a), fitting into transversing "fold".
Technique: Sandblasting.
Type: Sculpture.
Image orientation: landscape.
Published in: New Glass Review 7, p. 29, no. 96.
Master slide condition: Scattered residue and scattered scratches.
Slide 1 condition: Good, no marks.
Slide 2 condition: Good, no marks.
Copies in drawer: 2
New Glass Review 7; entry no. 399.1.85
New Glass Review winner ; NGR 7 no. 96