[Preparatory drawing for Erbium Chandelier] [art original].

Chihuly, Dale, 1941-
Seattle, Washington, 1993.
1 design : acrylic on paper ; 106 x 75 cm.
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Dimensions including mat are 122 x 92 cm.
Drawing is on water-colored paper of various colors with splashes of green, silver, brown, purple and metallic blue; design work is in bronze, gold, and purple; "Portland blow" is inscribed at the top in black, "Erbium" is written near the bottom in cotton-candy pink, "For Dan, thanks!" is written in black at the bottom over both the date "4 28 93" and Chihuly's signature, both in brown.
Gift of Bullseye Glass Company.
The chandelier was commissioned by donors Lani McGregor and Dan Schwoerer and was made in Portland, Oregon in 1993 with the assistance of Lino Tagliapietra (Italian, b. 1934), Josiah McElheny (American, b. 1966), and Bryan Rubino (American, b. 1958). The chandelier is blown erbium glass and is cotton-candy pink but can photograph as colorless.
Sent to Ariel Bullion Ecklund September 2014 for matting.
Displayed in the exhibition titled "Selections from the Rakow Research Library", held at the Rakow Research Library March 19-May 17, 2015.
Preparatory drawing for "Erbium Chandelier".