[Rare books pertaining to glass].

[Rare books pertaining to glass].

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[n.d., 1960s?]
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Corning Museum of Glass. Rakow Library.
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Spiral bound.
Information relating to rare books desired for the collection or owned by The Rakow Library of The Corning Museum of Glass. Sections may include physical descriptions of the books, vendor citations, biographical information on the authors, and notes on subject content.
Arranged alphabetically by author or title.
Afbeelding der menschelyke bezigheden --
Agricola --
Alessio Piomontese --
Anthologia graeca Planudea --
Arclais, Seigneur de Montamy, Didier d' --
Aristophanes --
Aristotle --
Bartholomaeus Anglicus --
Brunschwig, Hieronymus --
Cardanus, Hieronymus --
Cellini, Benvenuto --
Crollii, Osualdi --
Diodorus Siculus --
Dio Cassius --
Encelius, Christophorus --
Farinator (Berengarius de Landora) --
Gertz, P. --
Gratorolo, Guglielmo --
Herodotus --
Hooke, Robert --
Isidorus Hispalensis --
Josephus, Flavius --
(Kunstbuchlein) Allerhand farben, und mancherlay weyse... --
Lactantius --
Mandeville, Sir John --
Mappae Clavicula --
Neri --
Newton, Sir Isaac --
Orschall, Johann Christian --
Palissy, Bernard --
Periplus Maris Erythraei (Arrianon periplous euxeinon ponton tou anton periplous tēs erythras thalassēs) --
Philo Judaeus --
Photius --
Platte, Hugh --
Pliny the Elder --
Portolan chart of the Mediterranean --
Reisch, Gregorius --
Seneca, Lucius Annaeus --
Strabo --
Theophrastus --
Tournefort, Joseph Pitton de --
Vincentius Bellovacensis (Vincent of Beauvais) --
Vitruvius Pollio, Marcus --
Wecker, Johann Jacob.