Recent advances in science and technology of materials / edited by Adli Bishay.

Recent advances in science and technology of materials / edited by Adli Bishay.
New York : Plenum Press, c1974.
3 v. : ill., maps ; 26 cm.
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Bishay, Adli, ed.
Brill, Robert H. Lead isotopes in some ancient Egyptian objects.
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Cairo Solid State Conference (2nd : 1973)
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QC176.A1C13 1973
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Robert H. Brill articles
Proceedings of the 2nd Cairo Solid State Conference, held April 21-26, 1973 in Cairo, Egypt.
Includes bibliographical references.
Gift; Dr. Robert Brill; 2013; 1000137079
Vol. 3, p. 9-27 digitized by Backstage Library Works in 2010. Text-searchable .pdf created from digital file.
Vol. 1 includes "A review of the electrical properties and microstructure of vanadium phosphate glasses" by D.L. Kinser and L.K. Wilson (p. 77-90); "Electrical switching in calcium phosphate glasses containing iron" by M.H. Omar and M.N. Morcos (p. 91-107); "Role of iron and electrical conductivity in iron calcium phosphate glasses" by R.F. Motran, A.M. Bishay, and D.P. Johnson (p. 109-130); "Structure of chalcogenide glasses" by Norbert J. Kreidl and Werner Ratzenboeck (p. 153-170); "Electrical properties of quenched SnO₂ films on glass substrates" by E.W. Wartenberg and P.W. Ackermann (p. 197-204); "ESR and optical studies of induced centres in binary silver and alkali borate glasses" by F. Assabghy ... [et al.] (p. 235-246).
Vol. 2 includes "Redox reactions and the colours of ancient glasses" by R.W. Douglas (p. 47-59); "Some materials problems in the design of glass fiber optical waveguides" by C.R. Kurkjian and G.E. Peterson (p. 61-81); "Optical absorption characteristics of copper ions in some binary alkali borate glasses" by A.A. Ahmed and G.M. Ashour (p. 83-95); "Optical absorption produced by silver particles in glass and by sodium particles in a sodium chloride matrix" by M.A. Smithard and M.Q. Tran (p. 97-106); "Structural changes in borate glasses" by S. Arafa (p. 107-122); "Some properties of photochromic borosilicate glass" by F.G. Wakim (p. 123-131); "On the interpretation of the vibrational spectra of vitreous silica and alkali silicates" by Wahby Wadia and Leila Balloomal (p. 133-151); "The rheology of alkali borate glasses" by J.M. Stevels (p. 153-175); "The influence of microstructure on glass strength" by G.E. Rindone ... [et al.] (p. 177-191); "Mechanical properties and microstructure of glass ceramics and phase separated glasses" by J. Zarzycki (p. 193-201); "Static fatigue in glass" by R.H. Doremus (p. 203-206); "Relief of residual stresses in glasses by application of ultrasonic energy" by A.K. Abd el-Latif (p. 207-217).
Vol. 3 includes "Lead isotopes in some ancient Egyptian objects" by R.H. Brill, I.L. Barnes and B. Adams (p. 9-27); "Analytical studies of ancient Egyptian glass" by E.V. Sayre and R.W. Smith (p. 47-70); "Scanning and high voltage electron microscopy of ancient Egyptian glass" by R.E. Ogilvie, R.M. Fisher, and W.J. Young (p. 71-84); "Natural solid solutions: obsidians and tektites" by R. Berger and J. Ericson (p. 187-189); "The refining of glass melts" by L. Němec (p. 351-362); "Effects of redox melting conditions on the viscosity of quartz glass" by V.K. Leko ... [et al.] (p. 363-370); "On the effectiveness of nucleation catalysts in the formulation of glass-ceramic materials" by I. Gutzow (p. 371-377).
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