Records of P. J. Beaumont.

Records of P. J. Beaumont.
Beaumont, Percy J., 1864-1947.
8 folded items ; 22 x 14 cm-35 x 22 cm folded to 12 x 24 cm
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Range 6, Bay 4, Shelf 6, Percy J. Beaumont records, Box 1, B15
Batch book.
Title from outer envelope.
Loose recipes and correspondence in a Beaumont Company envelope with the company name blacked out from the return address. This envelope is inserted in a manilla mailing envelope with a return address label of Arthur B. Beaumont, Morgantown, W. Va.
This item is part of the Percy J. Beaumont records.
Percy J. Beaumont records
A 1933 trade catalog "Davis automatic inkstand" was received as part of this collection but has been cataloged separately (CMGL BIB 56494).
B-15a. Saunders batch mix: base batch, light pressed amber, blown amber, pink --
B-15b1. New mixes by Mr. Stemple, 1/20/1929: crystal, reg. opal, green, canary, ferlux, blue, black, pink --
B-15b2. Old gold, U.S. --
B-15b3. All lime is ground burned lime except in heat resisting which is raw lime: casing crystal, casing opal, green, canary, blue, crystal (includes pencil notations CWH changed) --
B-15b4. Ferlux, regular opal, heat resisting, light amber for pressing, dark amber for blowing, rose pink (includes pencil notations CWH changed) --
B-15c. Union Stopper Company, Morgantown, W. Va. letterhead: frosting bath (system M. Meth) --
B-15d. Common black, black for press or blow --
B-15e. United States Patent Office. Otto Schott, of Jena, Germany, assignor to the firm of Schott & Gen., of Jena, Germany. Composition for making glass, 1,130,767 Specification of letters patent, patented Mar. 9, 1915, 1,130,767. Application filed September 12, 1912. Serial no. 719,977 --
B-15f. Copy of Spedification of Harry Northwood for process of decorating glassware with liquid gold (March 12, 1903) --
B-15g. The Solvay Process Company letterhead: Batch formulae for special glasses for the Beaumont Company, Morgantown, W. Va. (April 17, 1928) [gives batch for heat resisting ruby].
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