[Retail prices for Hawkes silver mounted crystal].

[Retail prices for Hawkes silver mounted crystal].
T.G. Hawkes & Co., Corning, NY, USA, manufacturer.
1 volume (looseleaf, 67 unnumbered pages, 6 unnumbered pages) ; 23 cm.
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Trade Catalogs
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Secured Stacks - Trade Catalogs
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Hawkes, T.G., & Co.
Not really a trade catalog, but an internal factory record.
Dated from penciled "1957" written on first page.
Looseleaf black leatherette notebook. Unflooded, typewritten carbon copy. Filmed as found.
Thumb-indexed by shape name. All numbers are preceded with "S" denoting silver, except the "G" section which is headed "All glass" and is itself arranged by shape, beginning with ash trays with multiple patterns per page. "Misc." includes mayo bowls, mustards, lazy Susans, ladles, condiment sets, photo frames, ice pail and tongs, ink well, handled plates, French dressing and/or oil bottles.
Prices appear to be retail, and presumably are per dozen.
Final section is made up of three groups of handwritten, facing pages, which together compose a chart of prices from $11.00 to $100.00 (per dozen) and for variations from 1/12 to 11/12 (i.e. for one to eleven pieces).
Filmed with this are two other older price calculation charts each entitled "T.G. Hawkes and Co., Corning, N.Y., List prices per dozen". The older one has 3 charts of 15 different pieces based on goblets priced from $24.00 to $240.00. It is mutilated and torn into 3 pieces. The other has 4 charts of the same 15 pieces based on goblets priced from $40.00 to $250.00 per dozen. Neither is dated.
This item was received as part of the T.G. Hawkes records.
T.G. Hawkes records