S-241 [art original] : First Presbyterian Church, Sitka, Alaska.

S-241 [art original] : First Presbyterian Church, Sitka, Alaska.
Cummings Stained Glass Studios.
[San Francisco, Calif. : Cummings Studios, before 1957]
1 art original : pencil, black ink on paper ; 482 x 95 cm.
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Range, Bay, Shelf, Cummings Stained Glass Studios collection
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First Presbyterian Church, Sitka, Alaska
"Sketch no̲: 837-1 / Subject: Our Lord, youth & symbols / Orientation: / Est. pcs: 310 / Actual pcs: 342."
The stained glass cartoon displays a central figure, Jesus Christ, as the Shepherd, holding a crook. His other hand is being held out in invitation, "come". The cruciform nimbus, only used when portraying Jesus, appears as well and refers prophetically to the crucifixion. Two groups of letters, his monograms, appear directly above and below the figure. The Chi Rho symbol, from Greek letters XP, are the first two letters in the Greek spelling of Christ, XPICTOC. The IHC symbol is the abbreviation of the Greek word IHCOYC meaning Jesus. Beneath the IHC monogram is a communion cup significant of the Last Supper and Jesus' admonition to his disciples. The five-pointed stars are the "New Testament" stars, in distinction to the six-pointed star of David or the "Old Testament" star. Jesus is clothed in a ruby undergarment to signify love and his outergarment is of white to signify purity. A Cross and Orb are displayed in the upper right hand portion of the window to symbolize the importance of Jesus to the world. The Eskimo, the Indian, and the newcomers are displayed, united in common worship. The background features mountainous terrain and midnight sun.
See bib record 112497 for the dedication bulletin for this window.
The actual window was installed in First Presbyterian in 1957, according to the church secretary in 2010.
This item is part of the Cummings Stained Glass Studios collection.
Cummings Stained Glass Studios collection
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The actual window is dedicated to the memory of Robert Edgecumbe Yaw by W. Leslie and Caroline Yaw and family.
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