[Sketchbook and envelope] [art original].

[Sketchbook and envelope] [art original].
Gallé, Emile, 1846-1904.
1 v. ([40] p.) : pencil and ink on paper ; 35 x 52 cm.
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Atelier Emile Gallé.
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Prints & Drawings
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Range 139, Bay 3, Shelf 6, Gallé collection, Box 2
Two classification systems used to label individual pages: A-I followed by 1-29.
Envelopes bear seals with initials "E.G."
This item is part of the Gallé collection.
Gallé collection
Digitized by Boston Photo Imaging May 2012.
Sent to photography June 2013 for photography of three pages from sketchbook: D. [Painter's palette], No. 9 [Two flowers with winged insects], and No. 25 [Two overlapping cartouches with insect and butterfly on flowers]/No. 26 [Two overlapping, vacant cartouches].
A. [Ladies hand fan with lace border] --
B. [Asian inspired vase or basket] --
C. [Asian flat hand fan] --
D. [Painter's palette] --
E. [Globe-shaped basket or vase with rope] --
F. [Cut glass bowl] --
G. [Tulips] --
H. [Basket in shape of large stalk of bamboo with bamboo handle] --
I. [Branch with pinecones] --
No. 1 [Branch with caterpillar] --
No. 2 [Branches, at night, with moon in background] --
No. 3 [Branches with praying mantis on cartouche] --
No. 4 [Berries and leaves on cartouche] --
No. 5, Cartouche --
No. 6, Cartouche --
No. 7 [Two illustrations: design on left features plant with leaves and spider; design on right features plants with butterfly] --
No. 8 [Two designs: vacant cartouche and flower on left; vacant cartouche with leaf on right] --
No. 9 [Two flowers with winged insects] --
No. 10 [Two flowers] --
No. 11 [Branches and berries] --
No. 12 [Circlular objects with stems, joined at center] --
No. 13 [Berries and branches over two circular shapes in center] --
No. 14 [Branch over two circular shapes in center] --
No. 15. [Branch with berries, at night, with crescent moon in background] --
No. 16 [Branches with flowers and berries] --
No. 17 [Branches with flowers and berries] --
No. 18 [Long-tailed bird perched atop branch with berries and leaves] --
No. 19 [Four cartouches, two with flowers and two with winged insects] --
No. 20 [Four vacant cartouches] --
No. 21 [Four folded paper diagrams, possibly origami, with notations written in French] --
No. 22 [Folded paper diagram, possibly origami, with notations in French] --
No. 23 [Two flowers with insects] --
No. 24 [Two flowers] --
No. 25 [Two overlapping cartouches with insect and butterfly on flowers] --
No. 26 [Two overlapping, vacant cartouches] --
No. 27 [Branches with berries, leaves, and butterfly] --
No. 28 [Two flower-like cartouches with branches and insects] --
No. 29 [Two flower-like cartouches].