St. Joseph's School, Sheffield [art original].

St. Joseph's School, Sheffield [art original].
John Hardman & Co.
1 art original : watercolor and pencil on paper ; 22 x 22 cm
paper watercolor and pencil drawing single sided
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Unit 22, Drawer 6
Drawing features detail of stacked decoration, probably for archway or above doorway. Five layers are stacked vertically, each wider than the one below. Upper layer is colorless save for two square details in dark grey and, in between those details, a small green horizontal line. Below upper layer is pinkish-red layer with three simple, stylized flowers decorated in dark grey. Below that layer is green layer without decoration. Below that, a red layer, with two circular, white decorations. The lower layer is much shorter than the rest and is green in color. The two red layers have concave edges whereas the colorless and middle green layers are flat. Lower layer points outward.
This design was probably for a commission. It is part of a group of 21 original designs for various commissions.
John Hardman & Co. was established in 1838 as an ecclesastical metal works; stained glass was added to the business six years later.
Paper is not uniform in shape; lower edge is wider than upper edge as right edge has been cut at an angle.
Some colors and instructions penciled in.
Drawing has been done on verso of multi-colored floral wallpaper.
John Hardman & Co. drawings for stained glass window commissions