[Steps in making glass eyes] [picture].

[Steps in making glass eyes] [picture].
1 photograph : b&w ; 20 x 24 cm.
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E. & S. Danz & Associate.
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Photograph is of case displaying various steps during process of making glass eyes; twelve glass eyes are used to demonstrate the steps and glass rods are displayed as well.
"Compliments of E. & S. Danz, New York, N.Y." -- on plaque on lower right corner of case.
"Steps in making glass eyes" -- penciled in along lower left edge of photograph.
Prior to World War II, the making of glass eyes was largely concentrated in Germany, specifically Lauscha. In New York, probably in the 1930s, the glass eye making firm E. & S. Danz was formed by brothers Emile and Septimius Danz; with the threat of war looming, their brother Richard went to Germany in 1939 and returned with a four year supply of materials.