Thomas Buechner papers

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Buechner, Thomas S.
78 boxes.
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Secured Stacks - Archives (Non-Active)
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Range 6, Bay 6, Shelf 7 through Range 7, Bay 4, Shelf 1, Box 1-68; 70-83, 33 binders and one un-numbered box.
Secured Stacks - Archives (Active)
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Range 139, Bay 1, Shelf 2, Box 69 & 76
Files: 1980's post retirement art business & personal correspondence --
1966 Art talks, 1980 painting --
Galleries >2003 --
Erwin Eisch materials --
Exhibition announcements --
Lectures, articles & speeches --
Misc. office files 1980s --
Sale & purchase of paintings --
Checking account --
Science Hall --
Amo reviews --
Desk files 1/1/1999 --
Watson Guptil, Norman Rockwell, turned down articles, lecture outlines, Denver lecture, 7 Deadly Sins --
Royal College: Steuben (81), Toronto Contemporary Glass (84 or 85), NYC Glass Collections (86), St. Glass Assoc. (87), CMOG Seminar (87), How to buy contemporary glass, Beginning of aesthetic convic., Quotes: Leonard, Rodin, Van G., 1st Frauenau --
Card files.
Slides: 1960s-1980s; Seeing a Life; commercial work --
Gallé lecture & slides --
Xmas ideas; models and landscape 40s-70s; "19th Century Painting Techniques and Tricks" slides and lecture, Sept. 27, 1987; family photos --
70 years+; Russia/Germany 1977-78; Japan/WCC 1978; sources of completed paintings; Steuben and CMOG; CMOG 2000; History of CMOG lecture and slides --
Landscape oil 1998-2007; flowers 1987-2005+; portraits 2004-2007; Steuben lecture: 70 years; lectures & misc. --
Models 1991-1994; models 2006-2007; portraits 1990-2004 --
Models 1995-2003 (Acrylics in tray with models 1998) --
Watercolors: landscape & still life 1975-; models 1983-1991; models 2003-2006 --
Still life oil 1985-1999 --
Still life oil 2000-2007 --
Landscape oil 1983-1998 --
Misc. slide sheets --
Misc. slide sheets --
Ring; painted over; drawings & nudes; imaginative; other artists --
Slides & Prints arranged by subject matter --
Slides with text: Near East 55; Russia 57; Italy 57; Egypt 64; Israel 69; Vatican Paintings; Norman Rockwell; Hist. U.S. Illustration; Salzburg; TSB; Victorian sculpt.; lectures; paintings; family; pictology; friends; Brooklyn: museum & borough; period rooms; Ira Schwartz; Italy 64 & 66; Russia 67; TSB paintings; Aiya Roumelli; Wed. night class 77.
Photographic materials: Photo Albums --
Photos & Articles --
Portraits --
Portrait Source Material through 1992 --
Teaching prompts --
Photos by subject matter: Paintings; Portraits/Acrylics; Flowers; Flowers & flowers with still life; Still life; Old Photographs; Models; Models #2 & commissions #2; Family Models; Landscapes 1; Landscapes 2; Utah, Pilchuck, ABQ, Scottsdale, Jackson Hole, Colorado, California, Taos, Florida, VMI; Adirondacks, Maine, NYC; Italy & Newport; Italy, Holland, France, Germany, Denmark, England, Corfu, Brasil, Austria, Virgin Gorda, Tortola, Grenada, Maya; The Rockies; Corning, Main plant, Watkins, Spencer Hill, Chemung River; Addison, Barns, Elmira, Big Flats, Welles, Mintz, Keuka, Bottcher's, RR; Big Flats, 11 North Road, Sedona '97 --
Transparencies: Still life, flowers, landscape; Models, portraits, etc.; Negatives.
Sketchbooks, drawings, other original artwork and matted photographs of sculptures --
Posters of artwork --
Awards --
Medals --
Versions of How I Paint and Seeing a Life --
Books on Thomas Buechner as an artist --
Poems written for Thomas Buechner --
Mock-up of Transients: Paintings by Thomas Buechner --
AOA Master sheets --
17 prints of paintings by Thomas Buechner, mounted on foam board --
certificate of honorary membership into the American Stained Glass Association for Thomas Buechner --
Art Centrum commemorative medal certificate awarded to Thomas Buechner --
photograph of the Brooklyn Museum staff, undated.
Books and files on Norman Rockwell including: Norman Rockwell: My Adventures as an Illustrator --
A Rockwell Portrait: An Intimate Biography --
Willie was Different: The Tale of an Ugly Thrushling --
Norman Rockwell's America --
Norman Rockwell: the Underside of Innocence --
Norman Rockwell: A Life --
The Norman Rockwell Museum at Stockbridge --
Norman Rockwell's Americana --
covers of the Saturday Evening Post and pages from other periodicals featuring works by Rockwell --
clippings on Rockwell --
correspondence regarding Rockwell.
Collection of binders with images of unsold and sold artwork by Thomas Buechner including Landscapes, Still Life, Models, Flowers, Portraits, dated 1968-2009 --
Ledger books --
photographs of destroyed paintings --
"inventory" file --
binder of images and records of artwork owned by Tom Buechner and their locations in his home.