[Three options for GlassLab prototypes] [electronic resource].

[Three options for GlassLab prototypes] [electronic resource].
Otis, Jon.
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Design for three prototype options including conceptual analysis and sketches for each option. The first option is for the golden mean, a concept that "utilizes contrasting natural materials and explores the joining and results of merging these materials to create a singular object". Otis proposes to work with glass and wood. The second option is for nesting and layering, so that all objects of glass can fit inside each other, appearing as one object. The final option is the fusion concept and involves the "fusing of wood and glass... to look at how several different forms would change the nature of the fusion".
Jon Otis collaborated with gaffers Annette Sheppard and G. Brian Juk July 17-18, 2012 during his time at GlassLab at The Corning Museum of Glass; these design drawings were not turned into glass or the glass was not kept.
This is Otis' third time at GlassLab.
Otis is the principal and creative director of Object, Inc., which he founded in New York in 1999. His company consults in the areas of exhibition design, interactive architecture, interior architecture, etc.
GlassLab provides an opportunity for designers and glassmakers to collaborate by using hot glass as a catalyst for innovation.
Page [1]. [Design submission coverpage] --
Page [2]. Table of contents --
Page [3]. Option 1: golden mean, conceptual analysis --
Page [4]. Conceptual sketches [for option 1] --
Page [5]. Plan: wooden vase, single unit [for option 1] --
Page [6]. Option 2: nesting and layering, conceptual analysis --
Page [7]. Conceptual sketches [for option 2] --
Page [8]. Plan and elevation: nested [for option 2] --
Page [9]. Option 3: fusion concept, conceptual analysis --
Page [10]. Conceptual sketches [for option 3] --
Page [11]. Plans and elevations: wooden base [for option 3] --
Page [12]. [Images of fruit woods, glass colors, and stainless steel as examples for options].
GlassLab preparatory drawing