Under the Influence

Phillips, de Pury & Company auctioneer.
1 unpaged volume : color illustrations ; 31 cm
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Phillips NY September 16, 2014
Sale no.: NY010614
Includes index.
Includes price list.
September 16, 2014
Lot 24: Daniel Arsham 'Pentax K100 reformed in cermics', made of broken glass and epoxy, 2012.
Lot 44: Aaron Young 'Burnout (Defendants)', diptych made of rubber, glass, beer, acrylic on aluminume, 2008.
Lot 92: Alex Hubbard 'Untitled', made of acrylic, enamel, resin, fiberglass on canvas, 2010.
Lot 114: Kasper Sonne 'History is Optional (fade to white)', diptych made of chromogenic print, wood, glass, enamel, paint, 2008.
Lot 163: Tom Butter 'S.E.', made of fiberglass, resin, 1983.
Lot 180: Ricci Albenda 'Corner Installation (Carmen, boiling.), made of fiberglass, vinyl lettering, 2002.
Lot 185: Jeffrey Gibson 'Like a Hammer (figure)', made of wool, wood, deer rawhide, glass beads, steel studs, copper jingles, acrylic yarn, quartz crystals, brass bells, Angora goar fur, artificial sinew, 2014.
Lot 186: Jeffrey Gibson 'Hit that Perfect Beat', found punching bag, re-purposed wool blanket, glass beads, steel studs, tin jingles, nylon fringe, artificial sinew, steel chains, 2014.
Lot 257: Aaron Young 'BLEUBALLS', made of polyester resin, fiberglass, chrome finish, 2009.
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September 16, 2014