Untitled [slide].

Klumpar, Vladena.
[Delhi, N.Y.], 1984.
glass ; 32 cm. x 16 cm.
Buechner, Thomas S.
McFadden, David Revere.
Patti, Tom.
Ricke, Helmut.
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Slides & Transparencies
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Klumpar, Vladena; NGR 6, no. 43
Object in the collection of The Corning Museum of Glass, 85.4.26 acquired by the Museum in 1985.
Description in New Glass Review: Cast.
Description in CMoG glass object database: Deep blue-green transparent non-lead glass; cast, cut and polished. Cone shaped with point; semi-hollow cast cone of deep blue-green which tapers sharply to a solid point; first third of cone nearest the point is slightly stepped out and polished smoothly while the remaining flared area retains mold marks creating a semi-opaque textured surface, rim is ground flat and polished; interior of hollow area is centrally pierced by a sharply pointed narrow cone whose pointed end extends out past the open rim of the larger cone, pointed half consists of a polished section of colorless laminated to its lower half which is cast as part of the large cone, cast lower half of small cone has four equally spaced thin triangular phalanges that extend perpendicularly, meeting the walls of the large cone; surface bears intermittent large bubbles and casting irregularities. Signed "Klumper 1984". WH C-32
Technique: Casting.
Type: Sculpture.
Image orientation: portrait.
Published in: New Glass Review 6, p. 18, no. 43.
Master slide condition: Dust.
Slide 1 condition: Scattered residue and horizontal scratches.
Slide 2 condition: Horizontal scratches.
Copies in drawer: 2
New Glass Review 6; entry no. 120.2.84
New Glass Review winner ; NGR 6 no. 43
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Image of CMoG object: 85.4.26