Vycor industrial glassware by Corning / Corning Glass Works.

Vycor industrial glassware by Corning / Corning Glass Works.
Corning Glass Works. Technical Products Division, Corning, NY, USA, manufacturer.
7 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm
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Corning Glass Works
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Vycor brand glass products: heat sheath tubing, calcining trays, sunlamps, mercury arc tubes, photomultiplier tubes, photochemical lamps, germicidal lamps, missle domes, aircraft camera windows, stove top units, asbestos suit windows, hot-furnace glass, laboratory glassware, and more.
Features Vycor brand glasses: Glass 7900, Glass 7905 for infrared transmission, Glass 7910 for germicidal lamp applications, Glass 7911 for high electrical resistivity, Glass 7912 maximum ultraviolet transmittance, Glass 7913 for greatest heat resistance and optical grade, Glass 7915 non solarizing for extreme service, Glass 7930 porous glass, Glass 7950 infrared transmitting, visible absorbing.
Bulletin ; B-91