Wings of venice by day [slide].

Wings of venice by day [slide].

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Signoretto, Pino, 1944-
[Murano, Venice, Italy], 2004.
glass; stainless steel ; 600 cm. x 1,500 cm. x 50 cm.
Other Authors: 
Livio Seguso artist
Simone Cenedese artist
Giovanni Cenedese artist
Davies Boscolo artist
Giovanni Zen artist
Gianluca Vidal artist
Danis Zagallo artist
Mario Tagliapietra artist
Paolo Zuffo artist
Gianni Signoretto artist
Mattia Toso artist
Paolo Pizziol artist
Oliviero Lambri artist
Paolo, Pietro and Roccardo Ferro artist
Loris Zannon artist
Luca Naia artist
Giorgio Allegretto artist
Daniele Signoretto artist
Yasuko Tachibana photographer
Association "Le Ali de Venezia" manufacturer/owner/host/
Format of Material: 
Slides & Transparencies
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Call Number: 
Signoretto, Pino ; NGR 26, entry no. 0908.2.04
Description from entry form: Each wing consists of 208 feathers in glass and fixed inside stainless steel holdings that are shaped to measure and are placed on four lines of stainless steel structure. It resembles a Phoenix sitting on the water. The colours are colours of dawn in Venice.
Technique: Blown.
More information attached to application form.
Type: Installation.
Image orientation: landscape.
Copies in drawer: 1
New Glass Review 26; entry no. 0908.2.04