[Wonders of the sea : Harmony].

[Wonders of the sea : Harmony].
Swarovski (Firm), Wattens, Austria.
Wattens, Austria : Swarovski AG, c2004.
various items : col. ill. ; 6 x 9 cm. - 28 cm.
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Swarovski (Firm).
Swarovski Collectors Society.
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Trade Catalogs
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Swarovski (Firm)
Trade catalog.
Promotional package including videos on VHS and DVD, brochures and other advertising materials, sent to Swarovski dealers, for retail advertising purposes.
2005 Swarovski annual edition, "Harmony", available exclusively to members of the Swarovski Collectors Society.
Materials feature Swarovski's Crystal Trilogy "Wonders of the Sea". The first piece, "Harmony", has been created by Martin Zendron, and is featured within these items. "Eternity" and "Community" will be produced in 2006 and 2007 respectively.
The Rakow Library received additional copies of the brochure (item 1), which are listed separately, see BIB#90361.
DVD and VHS copies of "Wonders of the sea" have been listed separately, see BIB#91734
1) Wonders of the sea: Harmony. Annual edition 2005. 1 folded brochure. (826601 DO5 EN 05US) (2 c.) --
2) Harmony: celebrate the wonders of the sea (card). (1260811) --
3) Exclusive benefits for members of the Swarovski Crystal Society. [1] leaf. --
4) Swarovski authorized dealer 2005 (sticker). --
5) 2005 annual edition newspaper ad slick: Harmony. (1260810) --
6) SCS 2005 Harmony. (1260813) --
7) Swarovski Crystal Society, Harmony, 2005 annual edition. [2] p. (1260808) --
8) Swarovski Crystal Society, Harmony, 2005 membership fees & gifts guide. [1] leaf. (1260809) --
9) 2005 SCS price stand set. [3] plastic stands (each printed with different information) --
10 [Plastic card (credit card size), illustrating "Harmony"] --
11) Wonders of the sea. DVD. --
12) Wonders of the sea. VHS.