All About Glass

All About Glass

This is your resource for exploring various topics in glass: delve deeper with this collection of articles, multimedia, and virtual books all about glass. Content is frequently added to the area, so check back for new items. If you have a topic you'd like to see covered, send us your suggestion. If you have a specific question, Ask a Glass Question at our Rakow Research Library.

Meet the Artists: Jiri Harcuba and April Surgent

Jiri Harcuba, a renowned artist and educator, is known for his simple, yet elegant, portraits in glass. He treats all his subjects in a similar fashion, using spare sculptural cuts and subtle optical effects to create their individual profiles. His student and emerging artist, April Surgent, takes

Meet the Artist: April Surgent

April Surgent rethinks engraving and cameo techniques, reaching back to antiquity to create works that look painterly, photographic, and contemporary. Her images come to light through precise cutting and the grinding away of fused glass layers, usually milky white on the top with darker strata