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All About Glass

All About Glass

This is your resource for exploring various topics in glass: delve deeper with this collection of articles, multimedia, and virtual books all about glass. Content is frequently added to the area, so check back for new items. If you have a topic you'd like to see covered, send us your suggestion. If you have a specific question, Ask a Glass Question at our Rakow Research Library.

Ewer Signed by Ennion

Listen as curator David Whitehouse describes an ewer signed by Ennion. The discovery that vessels could be formed and decorated by inflating a gob of glass in a mold permitted large numbers of virtually identical objects to be produced quickly and inexpensively. The first-century Roman writer Pliny

Ancient & Islamic Glass

The history of glass and glassmaking started more than 3,500 years ago. David Whitehouse introduces the ancient gallery, which illustrates the glass that was made in the ancient world and in the Islamic medieval period.

Behind the Glass Lecture: Ennion and His Legacy: Mold-Blown Glass from Ancient Rome

Soft drink bottles, drinking glasses and glass Christmas ornaments are part of daily modern life, but their roots can be traced to the ancient world and the legacy of Ennion, the earliest known name of a Roman glass worker. This lecture by the Museum's president and executive director, ancient

Ennion and His Legacy: Mold-Blown Glass from Ancient Rome

At the end of the first century B.C., glassmakers working in the environs of Jerusalem made a revolutionary breakthrough in the way glass vessels were made. They discovered that a gob of glass could be inflated at the end of a hollow tube. This technical achievement—glassblowing—made the production