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The Corning Museum of Glass Lends its Expertise to Glassblowing Competition Series Blown Away Second Season, Streaming on Netflix on January 22

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January 9, 2021
Special Exhibit of Contestants' Work Made During Filming to Go on View at CMoG

Arguably the hottest show on Netflix, the glassblowing competition series Blown Away–once again featuring expert glassmakers from The Corning Museum of Glass–returns for a second season on January 22, 2021. The Museum will also host an exhibit of work made during Season 2, featuring one object from each of the 10 contestants. The exhibit Blown Away: Season 2 opens on the Museum’s West Bridge the day the show launches.

The Corning Museum of Glass (CMoG), which houses the world’s most comprehensive collection of glass, the library of record on glass, and one of the top glassmaking schools in the world, has served as a key consulting partner for the series since its conception. When the first season of Blown Away launched in the summer of 2019, CMoG was invited into the spotlight, bringing to the program its expertise in an artform that much of the world was discovering for the first time through the show.

“We are so pleased to again partner with marblemedia to put glass in a global spotlight,” said the Museum’s president and executive director, Karol Wight, of CMoG’s relationship with the Canadian production company behind Blown Away. “Watching new audiences around the world embrace glassblowing because of this series has been exciting, and we look forward to seeing that enthusiasm grow with the release of a second season.”

This season introduces a new group of 10 talented glassmakers from around the world as they compete for the title of “Best in Glass.” In the season finale the Museum also provides the two Blown Away finalists with the expert assistance of its Hot Glass Demo Team—Eric Meek, Jeff Mack, Helen TegelerCatherine AyersGeorge Kennard, and Chris Rochelle. A blockbuster ending to a 20-year career at CMoG, shortly before his retirement from the Museum senior director Rob Cassetti served as the final guest evaluator, helping to select the winner of the competition.

“It feels like I’ve come full circle,” said Cassetti, who developed the Museum’s hot glass programming. “When we first launched our demo at the Museum, we called it the ‘Hot Glass Show,’ and put our makers on a stage. We knew glass was inherently exciting and we wanted to bring that to our visitors. So now for the Blown Away series to capture that magic, bottle that energy, and to share it with the world through Netflix it’s really unbelievable, and it was a joyful honor for me to be part of it.”

As part of the prize package, the winner of the show will receive the coveted Blown Away Residency at CMoG. In 2019 the Museum hosted Season 1 winner, Deborah Czeresko, for three week-long working sessions. The residency takes place in the Museum’s Amphitheater Hot Shop where a live audience can meet the winner and watch the artist make new works. CMoG will host the Season 2 winner as soon as COVID restrictions allow.

"We are thrilled that Blown Away returns for a second season, available to Netflix's global audiences to stream on January 22,” said Matt Hornburg, executive producer and co-CEO of marblemedia. “This show's success is due in part to our valued partnership with The Corning Museum of Glass, and their unwavering support and guidance. Their contribution to the grand prize, offering a prestigious residency to the winner, raises the stakes that much more. We are thrilled that the Museum is showcasing the exceptional work done by these esteemed glass artists from season two. Seeing these pieces on display, representing the true essence of this show, is very rewarding."

Go Big and Go Home: Rob Cassetti Helps Pick Blown Away Winner Before Retiring

Rob Cassetti retired from the Museum in October 2020, leaving behind a lasting legacy that—much like Blown Away itself—is a “love letter to glass.” Words that tend to be associated with Cassetti include “creative,” “boundary-pushing,” and “visionary.” His ambitious projects literally transformed the Museum, as he was heavily involved with the last two expansion projects to add the Innovation Center (2001) and the Contemporary Art + Design Wing (2015). In addition to launching the hot glass demonstrations 20 years ago, Cassetti also developed all associated hot glass outreach from the Hot Glass Roadshow to GlassLab and GlassBarge.

“Glass as a material keeps giving,” said Cassetti. “I didn’t know that at 20 years old when I walked into a glass factory and stood under the furnace watching the molten glass drip—feeling the electric energy—that I’d end up trying to chase that magic for my career, but it’s been a beautiful chase. And it doesn’t end. I felt it when I stood on the set of Blown Away. That shiver-down-your-spine excitement is still there.”

Cassetti says he enjoyed watching the teamwork both behind the camera and in front of it. The crew instinctively knows how to capture the action, and the finalists meshed easily with the team of artists from the Museum, maximizing their talents to create stunning work for the finale. As the former design director of Steuben Glass, Cassetti is no stranger to critiquing work in glass, but Blown Away presented a unique challenge.

“There’s the idea, the craft, and then there’s leveraging what glass can do,” said Cassetti. “As a designer, I’m always looking to see how an artist is using the material to its fullest extent to express an idea. The thing that was so interesting for me about judging for Blown Away was that you’re making a decision between an apple and an orange. There were two very different ideas realized in two very different ways. There’s a raw energy to it because the work is personal, and the artists really have to dig deep. It was impressive to see what they presented.”

See the final work, the judging, and the Museum’s Hot Glass Demo Team in Blown Away Season 2 on Netflix, streaming January 22.

Blown Away Official Trailer

Behind the Scenes of Blown Away

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