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1890: Advertisement for Mt. Washington

Advertisement for Mt. Washington: Rich cut and decorated wares, including Royal Flemish and Albertine decoration, from the November 1890 issue of The Jewelers Circular and Horological Review.

Grecian Urn by Karla Trinkley

Karla Trinkley (American, b. 1956)
United States, Boyertown, Pennsylvania
Cast glass (pâte de verre)
H: 104.9 cm, W: 57 cm, D: 15.4 cm

Contiguous Fragment Series CFB C Form

A survey of one of the largest and finest collections of contemporary studio glass in the United States, Voices of Contemporary Glass showcases, for the first time, the collection donated to the Museum in 2006 by Ben W. Heineman, Sr.

Covered Engraved Dish by Pairpoint Corporation

Pairpoint Corporation
United States, New Bedford, MA
Glass, blown, cased, applied, engraved
Overall H: 20 cm, Diam: 24.2 cm

Footed Beaker with Standard-Bearer on Horseback (Copy of a Renaissance Goblet)

The first major exhibition to focus on the influence of ancient Roman styles on the glassmakers of the 19th century, Reflecting Antiquity, shows modern works along with an exceptional grouping of rare ancient Roman glass.

Botanical Wonders: In Your Garden

In “Botanical Wonders: The Story of the Harvard Glass Flowers,” The Corning Museum of Glass brings to bear its unique curatorial, conservation, and glassmaking capabilities to illuminate more fully than ever before the story of the delicate glass repli

Incantatrice (Sorceress) by Toots Zynsky

Toots Zynsky builds amorphous, glass vessels that defy categorization, her objects inhabiting a region where painting, sculpture, and the decorative arts meet.

Glass of the Alchemists: Lead Crystal-Gold Ruby, 1650-1750

In their well-known attempts to make gold, alchemists also provided the foundation for modern chemistry and material sciences.

Host IX–Epidendrum by Debora Moore

Debora Moore (American, b. 1960)
United States, Seattle, Washington
Blown and hot-worked glass, hot-applied glass powders, acid-etched
H: 96.52 cm, W: 30.5 cm, D: 17.8 cm