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The Corning Museum of Glass is temporarily closed as we do our part to limit the spread of COVID-19. All previously scheduled classes, events, and programs are cancelled until further notice.

Themed Tours

Themed Tours

These sets highlight themes explored through objects in the Museum’s collection. Browse them to learn more, inspire new ideas, or to think about your next trip to the Museum. Have your own themed tour idea? You can make your own Collection Set to share with friends or other web visitors. 

Wishglasses - Artwork
"Otto" Beer Glass - Artwork
4 Drinking Glasses - Artwork
Glasses and Pills - Artwork
4 Modern Old Fashion Glasses - Artwork
"Spot" Beer Glass - Artwork
Drink Me - Artwork
Inscribed Martini Glass - Artwork
Beads and Pieces Collection - Artwork
Reussite 2 (Success 2) - Artwork
Statue of the God Thoth - Artwork
Disk Pendant with Star Pattern - Artwork
Half of Mosaic Plaque with Satyr - Artwork
Statuette of Venus - Artwork
Beaker - Artwork
Beaker with Atalanta and Hippomenes - Artwork
The Daphne Ewer - Artwork
Fragment of Bowl - Artwork
Diana and Actaeon - Artwork
Ring - Artwork
Mosaic Glass Bowl - Artwork
Murrine Making - Video
Murrine Use - Video
Ribbon Glass Cup - Artwork
Mosaic Plaque with Brothel Keeper - Artwork
Cane Slice with Portrait of Christopher Columbus - Artwork
Mosaic Glass Tabletop - Artwork
Micromosaic with view of the Basilica of San Marco - Artwork
Mosaic Plate with Fish Design - Artwork
Mosaic with Fish - Artwork
Amphora - Artwork
Libyan Desert Glass - Artwork
Spittoon - Artwork
Retort - Artwork
Burmese Kerosene Lamp with Fish - Artwork
Glass Chemistry Game - Page
Pyrex Casserole with Lid - Artwork
200-inch Disk - Artwork
Prism from a WWII M9 Tank Periscope - Artwork
Prince Rupert's Drop - Video
2 Opaline Vases - Artwork
Learn About Glass Enameling - Video
Water Jug - Artwork
Enameled and Gilded Vase - Artwork
Bouquet of Flowers - Artwork
Paperweights - Video
Botanical Wonders: The Story of the Harvard Glass Flowers - CMOG Exhibition
Paperweight with Roses - Artwork
Murrine Making - Video
Sculptural Vessel - Artwork
Les Hommes noirs (The dark men) - Artwork
Les Hommes noirs (The Dark Men) - Video
Ravenna Grand Jury/Masked Bandit - Artwork
Another Look at my Beef with the Government - Artwork
No Place Left to Hide - Artwork
Three Graces Oblivious While Los Angeles Burns - Artwork
Drepung - Artwork
It's Raining Knives - Artwork
Omagh - Artwork
Elephant - Artwork
Set of Drinking Glasses with Ruby Glass Feet - Artwork
Tableware Set of 9 Blown Vessels - Artwork
Set of Six Wineglasses in Presentation Box - Artwork
Punch Bowl Set with 6 Glasses - Artwork
Veronese - Artwork
Negerhyddan (The African Hut) - Artwork
Victoire - Artwork
Ruba Rombic - Artwork
Gazelle Bowl - Artwork
Bluebird Radio - Artwork
Vessel Shaped like Bird - Artwork
Glass Blowing - Video
Molar Flask - Artwork
Box in Glass Furnace Form - Artwork
Scent Bottle with Stopper - Artwork
Glass of the Alchemists: Lead Crystal–Gold Ruby, 1650-1750 - CMOG Exhibition
Scent Bottle with Chinoiserie Decoration - Artwork
Flint Crown Scent Bottle - Artwork
Lathe Cutting - Video
2 Cologne Bottles - Artwork
Cup with Gladiators - Artwork
Animal with Double Cosmetic Tube - Artwork
Candlestick - Artwork
Trick Glass - Artwork
Posset Pot - Artwork
Celery Vase - Artwork
Cup Plate - Artwork
Bear Grease Jar - Artwork
Fly Whisk - Artwork
Evening Dress with Shawl - Artwork
Family Matter - Artwork
Portrait of King Amenhotep II (?) - Artwork
Cage Cup - Artwork
Cut Glass Table - Artwork
Piazza S. Pietro nel momento della Benedizione Papale - Artwork
Window from Rochroane Castle, Irvington-on-Hudson, New York - Artwork
Innerland - Artwork
Tableware Set of 9 Blown Vessels - Artwork
200-inch Disk - Artwork