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All About Glass

All About Glass

This is your resource for exploring various topics in glass: delve deeper with this collection of articles, multimedia, and virtual books all about glass. Content is frequently added to the area, so check back for new items. If you have a topic you'd like to see covered, send us your suggestion. If you have a specific question, Ask a Glass Question at our Rakow Research Library.

Blue Aurene Vase

Listen as curator Jane Shadel Spillman describes Blue Aurene Vase, designed by Frederick Carder. Aurene glass was one of the earliest color effects created by Frederick Carder for Steuben Glass Works. It was first made as an iridescent gold-colored glass, but by 1904 Carder had developed blue

“Carder” Design Reassigned

In 1959, The Corning Museum of Glass received a large group of objects as a gift from Frederick Carder, the retired director of the Steuben Glass Works. Most of these had been made at Steuben in Corning, New York, but some were English. Most of the English pieces came from Stevens & Williams of

Frederick Carder: A Biography for Young Audiences

Frederick Carder was born in England on September 18, 1863. Fred, as people called him, was fascinated with his family’s pottery factory. At the age of 14, he insisted on quitting school so he could work there. His father was very unhappy about this, so he made Fred work from six in the morning

Frederick Carder’s Journal of His 1902 Visit to Germany, Bohemia, and Austria

In 2005, the Rakow Research Library of The Corning Museum of Glass received a small spiral-bound notebook containing Frederick Carder’s handwritten notes from his three-week trip in 1902 to glasshouses in Germany, Bohemia, and Austria. 1 Carder, a designer at Stevens & Williams in Brierley Hill

Frederick Carder: The Early Years: An exploration of Carder’s years at Stevens & Williams

Frederick Carder was born on September 18, 1863, in Brockmoor, Kingswinford, Staffordshire (now part of the English county of West Midlands), the son of Caleb and Annie Carder. His father and grandfather owned Leys Pottery, and by the age of 14, Frederick Carder had left school in order to start