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All About Glass

All About Glass

This is your resource for exploring various topics in glass: delve deeper with this collection of articles, multimedia, and virtual books all about glass. Content is frequently added to the area, so check back for new items. If you have a topic you'd like to see covered, send us your suggestion. If you have a specific question, Ask a Glass Question at our Rakow Research Library.

Jiří Harcuba- Artist's Choice Tour

During his Artist's Choice Tour, Jiri Harcuba speaks about his favorite piece at The Corning Museum of Glass, Cup with Christ Healing the Paralytic (66.1.38).

60 Years- Surprising Discoveries

Curators occasionally make surprising discoveries. Before the Museum acquired this object, it was identified as an 18th-century Indian spittoon. The surface is crizzled (that is, it has begun to deteriorate). The curator had never seen an example of crizzled Indian glass, so he looked at it closely

Instructor Highlight at The Studio: William Gudenrath

William Gudenrath is a glassblower, scholar, lecturer, and teacher. He is an authority on historical hot glassworking techniques from ancient Egypt through  through the Renaissance, and has presented lectures and demonstrations throughout the world. As resident adviser for The Studio, Bill ensures

Glass House Money

In the 19th century, paper currency was often used by businesses such as glassmaking facilities, as a means of paying their workers or their debts. The federal government began to issue paper currency in 1861, but before this time, most of these bills were issued by state-chartered banks. Glass