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  1. Corning Museum of Glass October 2006 [picture].

    Corning Museum of Glass.
    [Corning, NY : Corning Museum of Glass, 2006].

    Corning Museum of Glass. Kosta Boda (Firm), Kosta, Sweden. 121335 [Corning, NY: Corning Museum of Glass, 2006]. 1 poster: col.; 53 x 35 cm. Unit 3, Drawer 3 Poster features image of illustration in crayon. "To Jane Spillman, 10.19.06"-- written ...

  2. [Miscellaneous brochures and literature]

    Kosta Boda (Firm).
    Trade Catalogs

    Kosta Boda (Firm). 89494 Kosta Boda (Firm) Glass firm file. 1) [Map]: Welcome to the bargain shops in the Land of Glass- Kosta Boda-- 2) [Postcard]: 3 images, first shows bowl of goblet (2 c.)-- 3) [Postcard]: White vase decorated in black-- 4) [Postcard] ...