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  1. An experimental inquiry into the cause of the changes of colours in opake and coloured bodies. With an historical preface relative to the parts of philosophy therein examined, and to the several arts and manufactures dependent upon them.

    Delaval, Edward Hussey, 1729-1814.
    London, Printed for J. Nourse and P. Elmsly, 1777.

    Delaval, Edward Hussey, 1729-1814. 97545 London, Printed for J. Nourse and P. Elmsly, 1777. lxxv, 93 p., 3 ℓ., 99-138 p. 23 cm. Uncataloged #119 The last section, p. [95]-138, is entitled: "A letter to the right honorable the Earl of Morton, presiden ...

  2. Experiments and considerations touching colours. First occasionally written, among some other essays, to a friend; and now suffer'd to come abroad as the beginning of an experimental history of colours. By the Honourable Robert Boyle...

    Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691.
    London, H. Herringman, 1664.

    Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. 60894 London, H. Herringman, 1664. 20 p. l., 423 p. fold. pl. 17 cm. F-5536 "A short account of some observations made by Mr. Boyle about a diamond that shines in the dark" (p. [389]-423) has special t.-p. L.C. copy imp ...