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  1. [Photocopy of letter to Frederick Carder from A. C. Saunders dated Mar. 15, 1934].

    Saunders, A. C.

    Saunders, A. C. 126283 1 item: ink on paper; 28 x 22 cm 126283 Letter written to Carder congratulating him on his address before the American Ceramic Society. Saunders notes that he worked for L. C. Tiffany & Co. from 1900 to 1918 and that Carder may ...

  2. [Miscellaneous letters to Frederick Carder].

    [Miscellaneous letters to Frederick Carder].


    Carder, Frederick. 117303 1920-1921. 4 letters; 21-27 cm. R-1059 These items are filed with the Notebooks of Frederick Carder. Fragile materials. Use the digital or microform copies of the notebooks. Frederick Carder notebook collection Digitized by Bosto ...

  3. [Letter from Frederick Carder to A. N. Khouri & Brother dated October 7, 1935].

    Carder, Frederick.

    Carder, Frederick. 140704 1 letter; ink on onionskin; 28 x 22 cm. paper ink print single sided Letter, dated October 7, 1935, to A. N. Khouri & Brother in New York City in response to Khouri's inquiry of Carder's opinion of René Lalique. Ca ...