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  1. Crystal in the Garden: Thomas Phifer Designs New Wing for Corning Museum of Glass.

    Brake, Alan G.

    Brake, Alan G. The East Architect's Newspaper, v. 11, issue 1 (Jan. 16, 2013), p. 1+, ill. 1552-8081 AI93243 East Coast Architecture and Design Description of the new structure, whose main feature will be architectural glass manufactured by Corning I ...

  2. Meet the Architect: Thomas Phifer.


    The Gather, (Autumn 2012/Winter 2013), pp. 7-8, ill. AI93448 Corning Museum of Glass On the architect's design for the new North Wing of The Corning Museum of Glass. Includes CMoG object: 2008.3.1, p. 7, bottom left. CitationDB Phifer, Thomas Glass A ...

  3. Reflection: Designing the New Contemporary Wing of The Corning Museum of Glass.

    Phifer, Thomas.

    Phifer, Thomas. Glass, no. 138 (Spring 2015), p. 64, ill. 1064-900X AI99290 The UrbanGlass Art Quarterly Architect discusses his inspirations and design concepts for the new gallery as a "container for glass and light, a place that serves the art.&qu ...