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  1. [Excerpts from Encyclopaedia Britannica].


    141843 1 bound volume, 2 plates, 8 loose pages: ink on paper; 28 x 22 cm Document 1:14. Encyclopedia entries about glass extracted from 9th edition, volume 10 of Encyclopaedia Britannica. Excerpts feature information on Egyptian, Assyrian, Greek, Roman, a ...

  2. [Glassblower at work while two visitors observe] [print].

    Prints & Drawings

    149780 1 aquatint: sepia ink; 8 x 12 cm paper sepia ink print single sided Print is hinged along upper edge of white mat board; dimensions including mat are 28 x 36 cm. Print, in sepia ink, features glassblower at work at left, beside table with goblet an ...