The Blaschka Archive

The Blaschka Archive

Octopus tetracirrhus, Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka, 1863-1890. Ink, pencil, colored pencil on paper; 24 x 32 cm. CMGL 122477.The Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka Collection in the Rakow Research Library

The archives of Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka include over 900 original art drawings of plants and invertebrate animals made as studies for the Blaschka's glass models. The archive also includes dictionaries, travel books, correspondence, pictorial works, and photographs. The Museum acquired the majority of these items in the 1980s, and later purchased the remaining Blaschka studio materials jointly with the Botanical Museum of Harvard University.

Learn more about the Blaschkas' story and view the finding aid for the collection. Not all items in the collection are available digitally.

Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka archive

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