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Behind the Glass: Meet the Artist Mark Peiser

Mark Peiser is an innovator and an American studio glass pioneer who has never hesitated to explore new directions in glass and glassmaking techniques. Recently, he created a special glass formulation for his Palomar series of sculptures that pay homage to Corning Glass Works' famous 200-inch Disk, the telescope mirror cast in 1934 for the Mt. Palomar Observatory in California. In this video, Peiser talks about the experiences, thoughts, and developments that led to his commitment and confidence to undertake the Palomar series and discuss how that series might inform future work. He discussed the thinking and lessons learned from previous bodies of work that led to his work on the Palomar series.

This lecture was part of the Behind the Glass lecture series, which takes place the second Thursday of the month. These events include the Museum's popular Meet the Artist lectures, as well as talks by curators and other specialists in the fields of glass, art and archaeology.