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Connected by Glass: Microscopic Worlds

Glass has an extraordinary ability to help us see into worlds beyond the one that’s visible to the naked eye. Our universe expands through lenses of glass—whether it’s into the depths of space, or the realm of the microscopic. In this unprecedented moment, we all have a heightened awareness of the fact that deadly things can happen on a microscopic scale. So, how can glass help? Can glass help mitigate the spread of disease? How can science education around the world be furthered with a simple glass lens—even in a $1 microscope? Join us as we talk about medical advances utilizing innovative glass technology. From work being done in the labs at Corning Incorporated to discoveries made at the hands of ordinary people across the globe, this journey into tiny new worlds is one that affects us all. We’ll be joined by: Dr. Timothy Gross, Research Fellow at Corning Incorporated, primary inventor of several iterations of Gorilla Glass and of the anti-microbial glass Guardiant Dr. Jim Cybulski, CEO, co-founder and co-developer of Foldscope, a revolutionary microscope costing less than $1 to make Dr. Paola Moreno-Roman, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Foldscope And moderator Dr. Marvin Bolt, Curator of Science & Technology at The Corning Museum of Glass.