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David Colton, 34th Rakow Commission Recipient

Hear from David Colton, maker of the first glass cannabis pipe, also known as functional glass, to ever be accessioned into an art museum's collection. Learn more about the work, now on view at The Corning Museum of Glass Since the late 1990s, glass has been the material of choice for cannabis pipes. Originating in the “parking lot” scene of Grateful Dead concerts, pipe making has since emerged as a global phenomenon with a highly developed culture of makers, collectors, and enthusiasts. Operating outside the mainstream of glass and art, pipe makers looked to street art and pop culture for inspiration as they made works that obscured their function and skirted legality. Colton’s pipe enters the Corning Museum’s collection amidst changing conversations about cannabis, with the decriminalization and legalization of its use being passed in many states and municipalities in the United States. Untitled, Corning Museum David Colton (United States, b. 1974 ) United States, Westhampton, Massachusetts, 2018 Flameworked borosilicate glass, steel 30.5 x 66 x 23.5 cm Inaugurated in 1986 by The Corning Museum of Glass, the Rakow Commission supports the development of new works of art in glass. This program, which provides $25,000 each year, is made possible through the generosity of the late Dr. and Mrs. Leonard S. Rakow, who were Museum Fellows, friends, and benefactors of the Museum. Each commissioned work is added to the Museum's collection.