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Libenský Red Pyramid

Listen as curator Tina Oldknow, describes Red Pyramid by Czech artists Stanislav Libenský and Jaroslava Brychtová. Libenský and Brychtová pioneered, explored, developed, and defined glass as a medium for sculpture. Their art explores ideas about light, space, transparency, and volume. Their career in glass together spanned more than 45 years, and their architectural commissions and sculptures are found in public and private collections worldwide. For Red Pyramid and other sculptures, drawings were created by Libenský in his studio and then given to Brychtová, who translated them into three-dimensional clay models. The process of conceiving a sculpture—developing the concept, envisioning the form in three dimensions, and selecting the color of the glass to be used—was shared by the artists. Libenský and Brychtová's sculptures are cast in a technique called mold melting, in which chunks of glass are allowed to melt into molds inside a large kiln. After the firing is complete, the sculpture is cooled and then extensively cut and ground.