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Lucio Bubacco Live-Streamed Studio Demo (June 8, 2016)

Low relief of glass is not simply the combination of kiln casting and flameworking. It is the creation of a new outcome: a new vision and a new point of view. It is widely known that when flameworked figures are ‘sandwiched’ by layers of cast glass in the hotshop, or kiln-casted, these figures often lose their aspects, becoming flat and almost melting. Lucio Bubacco believes that smallest details in glass, created at the torch, should not lose this detail when combined with a glass body. With this notion in mind, he explored a low relief of glass technique that is a new collaboration of flameworking and casting. With this new technique, flameworked figures are on the surface, vivid, solid and three-dimensional.

Watch this demo from the class Low Relief Of Glass Workshop with Lucio Bubacco and Karma Design Studio Collaboration that was a pre-Glass Art Society Conference Workshop in Corning, NY.

See the final object starting at 1:22:43.