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Max Erlacher oral history interview - Rakow Research Library

This clip is from an interview with Max Erlacher, former master engraver for Steuben, interviewed May 2010. Max Erlacher was born in Innsbruck, Austria. As a young man he attended a glass technical school to learn the craft of glass engraving. Upon the completion of training, he worked in Vienna where he became a master engraver in just five years. In 1957, he accepted a job with Steuben Glass in Corning, N.Y., as a master engraver. He worked in this capactity for 20 years and upon leaving, operated his own business on Market Street for 28 years. He returned to Steuben for an additional three years before Corning Incorporated sold the Steuben factory to a German firm where he continued for a short time. Max Erlacher is curently self-employed, working on private commissions.