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Melissa and her magic camel Peanut You Design it; We Make It!, designed by Julia

Watch as Catherine Ayers brings Julia's design to life in this You Design It; We Make It! demonstration. Julia says her design is "about a poor girl named Melissa and her magic camel, Peanut. He can make anything out of sand! The little dots on him are glitter and the pink on his back is his saddle for Melissa to ride on him. Together, the two help people who need things by making them out of sand. They are a very good team!" See the final sculpture at 1:41:31. Subscribe to our channel to receive updates when we're live Have an idea you'd like to see made in glass? You can now submit a drawing from wherever you are! Here’s how it works: - Check each week's design theme at - Draw your idea on a piece of paper - Take a photo of it, and upload it using the digital submission form on - Include a description or “artist’s statement” - it helps our team understand your idea - Be sure to include your name, age, and contact information so we can reach out to you if your design is selected Our glassmakers will choose one idea every other week and make that piece, live streamed from the Amphitheater Hot Shop on the Museum's YouTube channel. We will let the selected designer know in advance so that they can come to CMoG and watch in person or online.