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Verzelini Goblet (Technique - Museum App)

Listen as glass artist William Gudenrath describes the technique used to make the Verzelini goblet. Venetian glassmakers were hired in England during the 16th century. One of them was Giacomo Verzelini. In 1571, he was brought to London by Jean Carré, a French native and owner of the Crutched Friars Glasshouse. Carré died the following year, and in 1575, Verzelini was placed in charge of the glasshouse. The Crown gave him a 21-year monopoly on the making of Venetian glass in England. His interests were further protected by an embargo on the importation of glass from Venice. Many of the objects made at Verzelini's glasshouse were diamond-point engraved by Anthony de Lysle, who had emigrated from France. The inscription on this glass, the only one with a lion-mask stem that is attributed to the Crutched Friars factory, reads "" It is the motto of the Pewterer's Company of London.