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Wineglass Tumbler

September 29 to October 2
Age Restriction: 
age 14 and up

In honor of the Wineglass Marathon, hosted annually in Corning, this limited edition experience is being offered. Ages 14 and up have the opportunity to shape and manipulate hot furnace glass, while our professional staff guide you through this multi-step process. You'll start by choosing the color you want to use and then dress in the safety gear provided. You will shape the tumbler using a process known as Mold Blowing, where you will blow into a hose connected to the blowpipe while the glass is in a mold shaped like a bunch of grapes. After the glass is removed from the mold, you will work with a professional glassblower to attach a base to your cup. Then you'll take a seat at the glassblower's bench! You'll use traditional glass blowing tools to finish shaping your cup. After the wineglass tumbler is formed, it is removed from the iron and placed in an oven to begin the overnight slow cooling process. Wineglass tumblers are ready for pick up the following day or may be shipped for an additional fee within the US and Canada.

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