Visitor Guidelines

Visitor Guidelines

We want you to have a wonderful and memorable visit to The Corning Museum of Glass. The following guidelines are provided to help you plan ahead for your visit, to protect the works of art, and to create a safe and pleasant environment for all guests.

Artwork: Some of the Museum’s large glass sculpture are displayed in open cases. Please do not touch the artwork or let others in your group touch it; something as simple as a touch leaves oil and residue on important works that we are committed to preserving for future generations.

Bikes and Recreational Scooters: Are not allowed in the Museum. Likewise, the use of skateboards, roller blades and “heely” rolling shoes is not allowed on the Museum campus.  We do have parking for bikes and recreational scooters; ask our Guest Services Associates for more information. Electric handicap scooters are allowed in the Museum.

Clothing: There is a lot to see in the Museum, so please dress comfortably! We do require shoes and shirts to be worn in the Museum.

Escalators and Elevators: The Museum has multiple levels with several escalators and elevators. For your safety, do not play on the escalators and please keep a close eye on children when on the escalators.

Firearms: No firearms or weapons are permitted in Museum buildings.

Food and Beverages: There are dining areas at the Museum. Please limit your eating and drinking to approved areas; you may not have food or beverage in the touring areas of the Museum.

Lost Children: There are many things in the Museum that are attractive to children. Please keep an eye on your children so you don’t become separated from them. If you become separated, please contact a staff member immediately.

Mobile phones: Please refrain from making or receiving a call while in the galleries. If you receive or need to make a call, please step outside the galleries for the duration of your phone call. We do encourage you to use your mobile device during your tour to interact with our mobile site and to take pictures (but no %%flash%%, please).

Pets: Service animals are welcome in the Museum, but we do ask that you leave all other pets at home. If you are traveling with a pet, please make sure it has adequate ventilation while you are visiting the Museum. Visitors love animals and quickly notify security about animals left unattended. Please contact us if you need a list of kennels in the area.

Personal Safety: The Corning Museum of Glass is committed to your personal safety and to the principles of welcoming, sharing, and respect for all. The Museum reserves the right to refuse admission or to remove any person whose conduct the Museum deems to be disorderly or abusive or who fails to comply with these or other Museum rules. If you feel unsafe or threatened, please contact a staff member immediately.

Photography: Feel free to take pictures anywhere in the Museum, except where posted otherwise. Flash photography, tripods, and selfie sticks are not allowed in the galleries. Images may not be used for commercial purposes, but feel free to share them on our Instagram or Facebook pages using #corningmuseumofglass and #glassapp.

Shuttle Bus: For your convenience, we provide a free shuttle bus from our Welcome Center parking lot to the Museum. The bus also makes a short loop through Corning’s historic downtown Gaffer District, and stops at the Rockwell Museum.

Smoking: The Museum is a smoke-free building, but there are several outdoor areas where guests may smoke.

Solicitation: Flyers of any sort may not be handed out to visitors or staff on Museum premises, without prior approval from the Museum. We also do not allow solicitation by outside groups anywhere on the Museum grounds.

Strollers: Strollers are not available from the Museum, but we do encourage and allow their use in the Museum. Please use our elevators to transport children in strollers.

Wheelchairs: The Museum is wheelchair accessible, and wheelchairs are available at no charge on a first-come, first-served basis. Please ask a Guest Services Associate or a security officer for assistance. We regret that wheelchairs may not be reserved in advance.

Wireless Access: The Museum offers free public wireless internet (WiFi) access in most areas of the Museum’s campus. Connect to the "GlassApp & Free WiFi" network in the Museum.

We hope you enjoy your visit with us. If you need assistance while you are here, please feel free to contact a Guest Services Associate.